Water Gardens

In 1992 Wonderfalls of Atlanta was invited to exhibit at the Southeastern Flower Show held here in Atlanta.  This was the first time any landscape artist had ever introduced water garden features into the exhibition.  Wonderfalls stole the Anne Crammond, Grace L. Hightower, and, Charlotte Robertson Edwards awards, but the greatest surprise came after the jury reported that the honorable Lady Bird Johnson insisted that she get off her cart so that she could examine the Wonderfalls garden exhibit more closely.  It was then titled “The Garden That Most Invites You In.”  A heartening launch for David Thayer and his waterscape company, Wonderfalls.

“Thayer is an artist with the hands and the tools of a fourth generation lineage of stone masons,” says long time friend David Epstein, D.O., and original Co-Founder of Wonderfalls.  “But his passion for stones and his imagination have prolific roots in and around Atlanta. These days you will find much of his latest installations at Serenbe in Palmetto Georgia.”

Augmenting a pond and merging with its surrounding, a waterfall should mimic nature in every possible way. Carefully selected stones are chosen to facilitate the water to dance and play creating rivulets of white water and perhaps an occasional pool. The relationship with the stones is another critical element with the configuration and, again, is best executed by an artistic professional.  A project such as this requires experience as well as style.  The nuances of technique and a seasoned professional are important when ensuring the longevity and operation of the water garden.

The source of the water as well as the water course and the final drop must be dramatic as well as subtle.  Too often a noble attempt by a beginner ends up looking like a pile of rocks.  A water feature can also be a formal fountain. The choices of style for a fountain are endless.  It could be a wall of stone with water cascading down its surface, or a simple bubbler.

Construction methods of ponds and waterfalls per David Thayer:

“Pond liners are a definite no-no!  Several times a year we at Wonderfalls are called upon to replace liners with real pond construction.  A falling branch, the effect of gravity on a sharp rock, a dog’s toenail, and careless installation are just some of the causes of irreparable leaks.  Other negative effects of using plastic and rubber include: (1) liners are black and absorb the sun’s rays thus abnormally heating the water; (2) nothing sticks to a liner thus all the rocks are loose and dangerous to children, adults–we know of one pond keeper who fell walking on a loose rock and broke his hip–and pets; (4) one cannot effectively hide the folds of a liner thus creating an aesthetically unpleasant result.

We employ swimming pool standards in our pond and waterfall construction, which means six or more inches of concrete with rebar one-foot on center; a dish shaped vessel is created so that ice cannot push on vertical walls and crack them.  The vessel  is coated with Sto Watertight, a waterproofing agent that is used for all types of above or below grade concrete and masonry including pools, ponds, and fountains. Thus begins the process of selecting. Features must be arranged in a yin yang like manner.  There must be balance and relationship between the rocks, something not everyone can do.”

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