Swimming Pools

Award Winning Designs

Why does a swimming pool have to be a mere rectangle with concrete coping and decking?  A swimming pool can be a thing of beauty–a work of art replete with a waterfall for diving off or sitting under, perhaps even a grotto to climb into under the waterfall.  Beautifully hand-cut stone can cover the concrete decking to match the natural stone water line instead of store-bought tile.  The shape of a swimming pool should be non-linear instead of the traditional rectangular hole that inferior companies call “swimming pools.”  Why not a diving rock instead of a manufactured springboard for diving?  Wonderfalls has won several prestigious, national awards for its swimming pools. Wonderfalls even built the swimming pool that everyone else said could not be done, at the top of a 50-foot high cliff, hand carrying all the material up and then digging the swimming pool out by hand.  Let Wonderfalls design and build your award-winning custom swimming pool.

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