Rebirth of the Garden

Restoration is a very delicate thing to do.  Most gardens created in the 1910-1920s and before need some form of restoration.  Stone walls deteriorate, walkways become buried and overgrown or crowded out by invasives, and ponds begin to leak.  All restoration or repair must be done with strict adherence to type of material, color of motar, type of plants, etc.  How often have you seen a beautiful stone wall patched with the wrong stone or a new grey mortar?  Wonderfalls takes great pride in seeking out the proper stone, whether it be native soapstone or weathered granite.  Wonderfalls also tints mortar to approximate the old, but you can not duplicate age.  Wonderfalls uses various percentages of tan mortar mixed with the grey to tone down the bright grey of new mortar.

Plant themes must be adhered to as well.  Perhaps the original theme was native plants–you would not introduce hybrids.  Wonderfalls once restored and finished a garden began in 1937 by the incredible Atlanta landscape architect William Monroe.  He had been commissioned by “Willie” Carroll to create a magnificent garden in East Atlanta, but work ceased with the advent of WWII.  Wonderfalls spent one-and-a-half years researching and studying before undertaking the project.  Any restoration project begins with the removal of all invasive plants by the root. One of the most prolific is privet. Out, darn privet!

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