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A patio may have one of two basic shapes: rectilinear or curvilinear.  Different materials lend themselves to each style.

Irregular shaped stone looks better in a curvilinear or free form patio.  Any of the crab orchard or bluestones work very well. Crab Orchard is a patio stone that is indigenous to Tennessee and comes in various hues from brown and tan to various shades of orange.  Bluestone is a patio stone that hails from Pennsylvania and is a very hard durable stone with coloration from a pure blue to the warmth of mixed color with subtle hints of tan.

A rectilinear patio looks best when similarly shaped material is used.  Antique brick or guillotined stone are the most commonly used materials.  Both styles may employ either a permeable or non permeable method of installation. Stone set on a concrete pad is low maintenance but does not allow water to percolate into the ground below.  Patios set in sand allow both water penetration and the ability to grow moss or low growing (steppable) plants in the joints but require some maintenance depending upon sunlight exposure, i.e., weeding.

Wonderfalls of Atlanta hand cuts all stone used in a free form patio, ensuring tight uniform joints.  It is time consuming and thus adds to the cost but is immeasurably more aesthetically pleasing than your run of the mill patio by other stone patio contractors.

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