Japanese Gardens

Their Way

There is an old Japanese saying that goes something like this:

“Always let an old man or young boy sweep the garden, therefore you will always be assured of a few strewn leaves.”

There are many elements that should be included in a traditional Japanese garden.  There is the raked garden, the most famous being the garden at Kyoto.  Boulder groupings are surrounded by usually light colored pea gravel raked into patterns around the boulders.  These patterns can be re-raked occasionally forming new patterns.  There is the rock one kneels upon before entering the garden as well as a rock upon which to place one’s satchel of belongings. The basin in which to wash one’s hands is also an integral part of the Japanese garden.  Boulders and rock formations must depict nature as seen from afar.  The yin and the yang are always at play.

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Japanese garden by Wonderfalls.

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