Indoor Fireplaces

The Heart of the Home

Mankind has always been enamored of fire.  There was a time when he first learned to make it.  There was a time he carried it from place to place to keep the fire eternal.  Now, at the flick of the thumb there is fire.

Man traditionally gathered around open fires for spiritual practice, warmth and for cooking. Aesthetically the fire pit is wonderful.  It is constructed by digging an open pit approximately one foot deep lined with dry stack or vertically placed rock from the bottom of the pit extending above grade.  This demarcates the area while keeping the fire embers contained.  We all have fond memories of roasting wieners and marshmallows around an open fire.

Strategically placed, an indoor fireplace becomes the central gathering spot on cool or romantic nights.  Nothing compares with the warmth of a roaring fire or the romantic magic of flickering embers.  Gas and electric logs have replaced the traditional wood fire in many instances, but there is no comparison to the scent of a wood fire.

The decoration of the fireplace can vary as wildly as the flickering flames themselves.  Brick, stucco, or stone are just a few of the options.  At Wonderfalls, we encourage the use of stone.  Many are the choices when it comes to stone.  Rustic or formal, stone bespeaks durability and strength.  Beauty, in the eye of the beholder, depends on individual taste.

We like to encourage our clients to allow us to embellish the stone fireplace with antique mantles, personal mementos, or found objects.  The options are limitless.  Whether indoor or outdoor the fireplace is the heart of the home.

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