Bulwarks of the GardenWonderfalls of Atlanta

Boulders add interest and dimension to a garden.  Properly arranging boulders is a true art of the highest order.  How many times have you seen a so-called boulder grouping that looks like a truck backed up and just dumped them?! The art of boulder placement begins with choosing the right elements.  Each rock has a personality and a good side we call its face.  There is a relationship that the artist must be able to visualize while poking around in the stone yard.  Japanese theory has it that odd numbers of boulders should be arranged in a grouping.  In the right setting a single rock might stand alone.  The boulders must be nestled into the earth ever so carefully to look natural.  This is where most people have difficulty.  Too often you see boulders just sitting on the ground looking ever so like they don’t belong there.

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