Stone Tables & Benches

Places of Repose

When I was a child, my father used to take us kids up to Great Grandma Johnson’s on Lake Erie.  Recent ancestors had dragged stones up to her trailer and erected a stone picnic table and benches.  This is where we would gather for meals.  The smell of eggs and bacon bring back memories of those days at that beautiful old stone table.

Stone has durability and beauty beyond compare.  How many times have you seen a store bought wood and iron bench sitting and rotting away in a garden after three short years?  If properly constructed, stone tables and benches last forever.

Once again, rustic or formal are options.  One may choose a slab from nature with a bit of moss or a hewn piece of granite curbing or a block of sandstone.  Any stone can be fashioned into an object that is both utilitarian and aesthetically wonderful.

Strategically placed stone benches in the garden offer one a place of repose.

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